Wednesday 1 January 2020

YPD 2019 Karenland

YPD 2019 hosted by the Karen YPD took place from 15-22 December 2019 in the border area of Myanmar and Thailand.

The program began with a "see-judge-act" training program at the Wattana Resort near Mae Sot, Thailand.

The theme of the program was "Rights for People on the Move, Migrant Situation and Policy in Thailand and Information Platform."

Participants visited a Karen migrant village where they listened to residents sharing their experiences of migration and the reasons that motivated them, including conflict, war, poverty and lack of opportunity.

Participants listened to the experiences of local people who had been forced to migrate for various reasons including particular war, conflict and poverty.

YPD leaders recorded and summarised the problems faced by local residents.

And they gave feedback to the whole group.

During the evening, YPD members enjoyed themselves with a range of social activities and events.

Later, they also had the opportunity to visit various other local communities.

They joined local communities celebrating the coming of Christmas...

And other cultural celebrations!

Participants also enjoyed sport and swimming together

A highlight of the program was the YPD Village Race!

All tired after the race!

YPD 2019 concluded with the Annual General Meeting to decide the program for 2020.

A big thank you to YPD 2019 coordinator, Kwi Kwi and his team for all their work!