Saturday 30 November 2019

Meat Tasting Success

The YPD Meat-Tasting Event on 15 November 2019 was a great success with 60 participants joining and a total of $1333 raised to assist the Karen YPD movement.

The event was hosted by the Murdoch University School of Veterinary and Life Sciences, which is organising a large-scale consumer satisfaction test.

Each participant rated the various cuts of lamb on a range of indicators including tenderness, juiciness and flavour.

Participants were recruited by and from a number of our networks including churches and youth organisations.

Special thanks to Perth YCW president, Jermaine Beins, (above) and youth engagement officer, Marie Collendavello (below).

Our deep appreciation also to Murdoch University's Dr Jayaseelan Marimuthu (below) and Rachel O'Reilly.

See video from the event here and here.